Style with substance


We don’t pay lip service to sustainability. We don’t do it because it’s fashionable. It’s something we genuinely care about. Sustainability is written in to everything we do, from, the materials we source, to the way we design and craft our products, right through to delivery.

For us, it’s always been far more important to look at reducing and reusing before we start thinking about recycling. The idea is very simple, we look at what waste we’re creating and work out innovative ways of reducing and or removing it.

To make our furniture, we take only what we need from sustainable sources. We don’t offset our carbon, we look at creating less in the first place. Our waste is used to heat our factories and offices. We’re not a lover of rules, but when it comes to sustainability we’ve made an exception. It’s a wonderful world, let’s look after it.


If you thought we're all about furniture, think again. It's all about our people too. People who stand and talk and work and read and eat and drink and live and breathe. People who sit and type and draw and listen and laugh and maybe even cry. People like you.

The way people behave is what shapes the world around us, so it’s only by understanding how people work that we can successfully design that environment. Producing a chair is not about drawing four legs and a seat; it’s about comprehending what it’s like to spend most of your professional life sitting down.

We’ve made it our mission to understand how our products affect not only the way you work, but how they affect the world around you. Maximum impact to your business, with minimal impact to the environment.

We believe this is the most effective way of designing and delivering innovative furniture of the highest possible quality: what’s right for your business, your budget and, most importantly, your people.

Because if your people are happy, then our people are happy.


We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our products are the best that they can be. All of our products are tested to global quality standards. In fact, they do more than simply pass, they are on average 30% stronger and more durable than required.

We’ve been accredited with ISO9001 since 1991, are full members of FIRA, and all our products are independently tested to exceed all relevant standards established by BIFMA.

ANSI/BIFMA x 5.4 – 2012 Lounge and Public Seating 
ANSI/BIFMA x 5.4 – 2005 Lounge and Public Seating 
ANSI/BIFMA x 5.1 – 2011 General Purpose Office Chairs 
ANSI/BIMFA x 5.1 – 2002 General Purpose Office Chairs