Product Testing

Product Testing


Products have been extensively tested to exceed industry testing standards established by BIFMA.
Products have been tested to meet or exceed the following standards as applicable:


ANSI/BIFMA x 5.4 – 2012 Lounge and Public Seating


ANSI/BIFMA x 5.4 – 2005 Lounge and Public Seating


ANSI/BIFMA x 5.1 – 2011 General Purpose Office Chairs


ANSI/BIMFA x 5.1 – 2017 General Purpose Office Chairs



All products meet California Technical Bulletin #117.


California Technical Bulletin 117 
California Technical Bulletin 117, a mandatory standard, is both an open flame test and a smouldering cigarette test for the component materials, specifically foam and fill materials, as well as upholstery.


California Technical Bulletin 133 
California Technical Bulletin 133 is a very severe open flame test, mandatory for furniture sold in what is called “public occupancies” in the state of California.
It should be noted that several other states have adopted California Technical Bulletin 133 for the same occupancies in their states.

All purchase orders requesting CAL TB133 must clearly state whether the need is for TB133 compliance
or certification.


CAL133 TB133 Certificate
Involves a full scale test and an additional 4 weeks is required on our standard lead time. The cost of this test is $650 net. In addition you must purchase the unit in which you would like certified with the appropriate grade fabric. You will receive a full report documenting whether the unit has passed or failed certification. If passed you will also receive a compliance certificate.


Many SIC products comply with California TB133. Please contact customer service for a complete list of products.

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